38 Zambezi Street
Three Rivers
Vereeniging 1939

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With access to a network of professionals partners SEY STRUCTURAL PROJECTS is able to bring the latest, up to date information and technical knowledge to each project.

Our innovative project teams are also fully equiped to provide solutions in responce to challenges and explore opportunities that may arise throughout the lifecycle of the project.

We have successfully engineered a large number of buildings, roads and intrastructure in a varied range of cultural environments and climatic conditions. Key to these success is our ethos that encourages our designers to think innovatively and to apply design principles that are contextual.

We think design integrity works as a cohesive team with a common purpose. We produce holistic concepts with consistent principles and coordinated solutions that can be prctically implemented. The benefit of our approach are:

  • Singular design team management
  • A single appointme nt document
  • One building information model
  • No responsibility gaps
  • Managed interfaces
  • A single insurer
  • Client focussed

In South Africa, the firm focuses on providing multicisciplinary engineering and projects management services for built environment sector:

  • Civil infrastructure
  • Mining and Energy Infrastructure
  • Industrial development
  • Property development
  • Housing projects

SEY STRUCTURAL PROJECTS brings out independently practicing professionals that share a passionate dream to make a noticable difference.

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38 Zambezi Street, Three Rivers, Vereeniging, 1939

076 655 1450 / 016 100 6257



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